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The Importance of Breakaway Buckles on Cat Collars

When it comes to the safety of our feline friends, breakaway buckles on cat collars play an important role. You may have also heard them referred to as “quick release” buckles, and while they serve a similar purpose, there are some differences to be aware of.

What is a breakaway buckle?
All cat collars generally come with a breakaway buckle. A breakaway buckle is designed to release under pressure, if your cat becomes entangled in anything and pulls away from it, the buckle releases automatically, preventing choking or strangulation. This feature is especially important for outdoor cats or those who tend to explore their surroundings. By having a breakaway buckle on their collar, it reduces the risk of strangulation or injury if the collar becomes entangled.

Unlike traditional buckles, breakaway buckles are designed to open with minimal force. They are typically made of a special type of plastic that can withstand regular use but will break apart when a certain amount of pressure is applied. This ensures that if the cat’s collar gets snagged on a branch or fence, the buckle will release, freeing the cat from potential harm.

What is a quick release buckle?

It’s worth noting that breakaway buckles are not the same as quick release buckles. Quick release buckles are commonly found on dog collars and are not as sensitive to pressure. While they can be useful for certain situations, they may not provide the same level of safety for cats.

When choosing a cat collar, look for one that features a breakaway buckle. This simple yet effective mechanism can provide peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is protected in case of an accident. Remember to regularly check the collar’s condition and adjust the fit to ensure it stays secure while allowing for a quick release if needed.

Crafts4Cats cat collars are handmade to order and made with high-quality soft cotton fabric for comfort against your pet’s skin. Each collar comes with a bell, which is a great way to locate your cat if he or she is hiding, especially outdoors.


Kitten 9”/23cm
Adult cat 12”/30cm

Toy dog 10”/25.4cm
Small dog 13”/33cm


I am pleased to offer two breakaway buckle types:

1. Breakaway buckle with ‘TOUGH’ release.
This smart self-release buckle is perfect for Adult cats who like to explore! It will not open easily just from scratching the neck, but the buckle will open quickly if your cat’s collar gets caught in a tree branch. It is also suitable with a pet tag combination.

2. Breakaway buckle with ‘LIGHT’ release.
It’s suitable for kittens or adult cats seldom let out of their homes. This type of buckle is excellent for gentle cats and cats that do not wear a heavy pet tag, which can cause unwanted release.

I also offer two non-breakaway buckle types suitable for wearing on a lead:

1. Plastic – lightweight and small, I offer these at the same cost as breakaway buckles.
2. Metal – stylish and elegant. These are available as an ‘upgrade’ in three colours: gold, silver and bronze.


How do you measure a cat’s neck?

Measure your cat’s neck using a soft measuring tape to ensure the collar will be comfortable for him or her. There should be enough room to put a finger between the tape and the neck.
Please measure carefully, as custom-made orders are non-refundable! If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us first—we’d love to help!

Are cat collars suitable for dogs?
Of course! Cat collars are a great accessory for any cat or dog and can easily be used as a regular collar. However, cat collars generally have breakaway buckles, so they should not be used on a lead. For dog collars, we recommend using a non-breakaway buckle/clasp. Both buckle types are available to purchase on our site.

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