Fancy cat collars, bowties  & other pet accessories. Handmade with love and care to detail. 

My name is Kat and I am the Crafts4Cats shop owner.

Welcome to my shop!

I started from making DIY YouTube videos about how to make various toys including catnip mouse. I gave my catnip mouse a name - Herbert. On several occasions, I was asked if I sell Herberts and so here we go... the whole Herbert family appeared over one weekend... Mr Herbert, Mrs Herbertina and Little HerbertTiny.

Crafts4Cats now has many beautiful cat toys stuffed with very high-quality catnip and catnip alternatives such as Silvervine (also known as Matatabi, origin Japan) and Valerian root.Visit our toys page here <br />
Over the time I received reviews from people saying that our catnip is "excellent". We also had customers who purchased our catnip toys for their cats which don't normally react on catnip simply "to give the cat another try" and were pleasantly surprised that cats started to react on toys made by Crafts4Cats.

Over the time I've expanded my selection and now I have cat collars, cat jackets, hats, capes. I can also make thing to order.

*** Many thanks to my special friends and family for your support on making Crafts4Cats happen. ***

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