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About Crafts4Cats

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Why Crafts4Cats

My name is Kat, and with my four adorable cats we run Crafts4Cats, a shop that’s all about making your furry friends feel special.

We offer a delightful selection of handmade and high-quality products, so whether you have a cat, dog, or any other small animal, we’ve got you covered! 

From sweet bow ties to charming costumes, we have everything you need to make your precious pets look even more adorable.

After all, your pets deserve to look as cute and stylish as you do!

My furry helpers

Meet Daisy Blue, Boris SugarPuffs, Tinkerbell and Jasper, the friendly feline team of Crafts4Cats, always ready to lend a helping paw!

Daisy Blue Crafts4Cats

The Model

Meet Daisy, our furry model, She absolutely adores striking a pose in front of the camera and getting rewarded for showing off her feline skills.

About Boris SugarPuffs Crafts4Cats

The Toy Tester

Boris is quite picky when it comes to his favourite catnip, which makes him an excellent tester for quality catnip products.

Tinkerbell Crafts4Cats

Laptop Assistant

My furry friend, Tinkerbell, loves to keep me company on my lap while I work at the computer desk.


Packing Expert

Jasper is a big fan of boxes! Whenever you place an order, Jasper will happily assist me in packing it for you.

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