It all started last Christmas, when I put on my red cardigan on Boris Sugar Puffs... 

Boris Sugar Puffs in red cardigan

Boris Sugar Puffs having a snooze...

I than put a red bow top of his head... he looked so sweet!

Boris Sugar Puffs & red bow


Boris didn't mind at all... He was so relaxed that I just had to film it...

Daisy Blue was gigling behind me... but not for long!! ;) 

Christmas tree decoration went very well, both cats were helping me of course! 

Boris was putting on Christmas balls.

This ball is in the right place

and Daisy Blue climbed up right to the top, as I could not rich to put the topper.

Daisy Blue admiring the Christmas tree

... as she does it every year. This is our family tradition now!

Daisy Blue in 2014

It all ended well... Almoust



Last Christmas I received a curious sewing tool. That's when I made my first Christmas hat for a cat... Although it took me some time to sew it, it was worth it!

Sewing first hat

and later some more, for both Daisy Blue and Boris SugarPuffs, of course!

This year, however I have a proper sewing machine and was able to make much nicer and good quality things... 

Royal cape 

Royal hat

Christmas hats 

Neck kerchief 

Winter hats 

and various bowties

Thank you for reading our Blog!


Merry Christmas