I am older than Boris SugarPuffs (8 September 2014) and far more beautiful. I am commonly known as Princess - no that's not right, I am Royally known as Princess. 

Daisy Blue the Princes Royal

Daisy Blue the Princes Royal

About my name Daisy Blue

Daisy name was given to me with great care... It is an old English name , which denotes personal independence and beauty.  There are many famous woman called Daisy:  Daisy, Princess of Pless , Daisy Ridley ... and even Daisy Fellowes - a fashion icon, and an heiress to the Singer sewing machine fortune...

There is also the flower called Daisy Blue (also known as blue kingfisher daisy) , which matches my eyes...

Daisy Blue with blue daisies

Daisy Blue with blue daisies

My weight? 

How dare you! It's bad enought to tell you how old I am. Actually, as I have a very good figure I will tell you - around 12lb (5.4kg). Sylph-like in comparison to fatty-lumpkin Boris SugarPuffs. 

My slim figure

My likes and dislikes

I do not like cat shows and having won several medals I think I am now going to retire. I am not especially keen on fish, although I quite like smoked salmon...I've learned how beg endearingly :)

Daisy Blue wearing a blue bow

Daisy Blue wearing a blue bow

I like being cuddled and played with. I am a great trick learner... I also enjoy modeling hats, capes and bows. So I am a natural model :)

What I really like though is going out for walks on a lead... Sadly it's rather hot and dusty here (Mediterrenean climate) and I don't get out as much as I would like. 

I like to help sewing the cat toys and also sitting on the chair as my human is sitting on. As I am very slim, SHE takes most of the chair... 

Daisy & Boris

Generally, I and Boris get on very well, but he is still a big kitten, like a teeager and can be very annoying ...biting my tail to provoke a reaction - which he gets!

Like all Ragdolls I enjoy human company and don't like being left in rooms on my own, I therefore ted to follow my human around the flat and especially if I can smell tasty food...

... To be continued ....