Cats love playing with toys! The more the better…  However, we don’t all have unlimited funds. So why not try and do these simple home-made cat toys with your cat this weekend. 


This is simple, easy and cheap way to enterntain your cat.

Time required: about 15 to 20 minutes

Tools required:

1. A box.

2. A pen knife or scissors.

3. A marker pen of some kind.

Where to get a box from? There are lots of places offering freebie cartoon boxes: a supermarket, a grocery shop (ask them to save one of their large fruit boxes for you to pick-up — it will be perfect for your cat), a wine shop, a shoe shop etc.

Watch this video with full instructions



This is most fun toy ever, I made a toy like this over 2 years ago and my cats are still palying with it. It's their most loved toy! 

Time required: about 15 to 20 minutes

Tools required:

  • Decorative Foil Paper
  • A Stick
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors

Optional items:

  • A piece of string (optional)
  • A feather (optional)


Where to get a rustle paper?  Some of them are likely to have some old Christmas or Birthday paper leftovers... or a plastic bag. If you  don't have one, ask your friends or neighbours. 

Where to get a stick from? This can be anything, an old broken umbrella, a tree branch or your old tatty duster! Any of them can be transformed to a 

magic stick for your cat! 

Watch this video with full instructions

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