I started designing bowties for cats and kittens in late 2016 and during the time I gained most wonderful experience with my customers. I had people asking for specific designs, colours, and decorations like pearls, and  rhinestones etc ... Since then I have enriched my bowtie selection from simple day-to-day collars, and fancy cat bowties, to luxury edition for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

Pearl cat collar

Pearl kitten collar 'The Little Countess'

What fabrics do I use for my collars, bowties and bows?

I make collars from various fabrics such as satin, velour, and cotton, however I also use tutu, lace and raw silk for bows.

Pink rose cat collar

Pink rose bow with a collar 

This bow comes with  "The Rose Garden" cat collar. A fancy edition of our flower-power cat collars, pink flower is made from tutu fabric, decorated with coloured quail feathers and felt.  

Satin cat collars and bows

I use high quality double faced satin ribbons for most of my bowties. Satin collars and bows are suitable for cats and kittens with all types of fur from short to long hair. They are very easy to take care of as cat hair does not stick easily. 

Luxury cat bow tie

I prefer SATAB ribbons, which are made in France by a French family-run company dating back to 1905. Their ribbons are also used by haute coutur designers. 

Cotton cat collars and bows

I use high quality 100% cotton. These collars and bows are suitable for cats and kittens with short to medium hair.

Blue cotton bow tie

My Lovely Customers

 Duncan, USA

Duncan wearing his satin blue bow tie

Tiara, Singapore

Kitten wearing pink bowtie. Tiara is from Singapore.

Tiara, a Ragdoll kitten from Singapore is wearing apink .

Little Pom Pom puppy :)


Puppy wearing pink bow tie

This sweet Pom Pom puppy is our unusual little customer... His big sister, who is a cat, however, she took over his pink bowtie until he grows up as he loved chewing it...