Should your cat have a collar?

As a cat owner, you may have heard conflicting opinions on whether or not your feline friend should wear a collar. Some argue that collars are necessary for identification and safety purposes, while others believe they can be dangerous and uncomfortable for cats. So, should your cat have a collar? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of collars for cats and help you make an informed decision on whether or not to collar your furry companion.

  • What is a breakaway buckle? 
  • What are the collar bells are for?
  • How to choose the right collar for your cat?
  • How to measure a cat's neck?
  • Are cat collars suitable for dogs?

What is a breakaway buckle?

All cat collars generally come with a breakaway buckle also known as a 'quick release' buckle. A breakaway buckle is a type of safety buckle designed to release when tension or pressure is applied. If your cat becomes entangled in anything and pulls away from it, the buckle releases automatically which prevents choking or strangulation.

Other names for a breakaway buckle include quick-release buckle, snap buckle, whilst non-breakaway buckles are known as side-release buckle. These various terms and names differ from country to country.

What are the collar bells are for?

I recommend getting a collar for your cat with a bell if you have a large garden. A bell on a collar can serve two purposes - firstly, it can help you locate your cat if it gets lost or stuck somewhere nearby, as the sound of the bell will help you identify its location. Secondly, it can also act as a warning signal to birds and other small animals to give your cat a better chance of catching their prey. However, some cats may not tolerate wearing a collar, so it's important to ensure it fits comfortably and doesn't cause discomfort or irritation.  

How to choose the right collar for your cat.

Here in Crafst4Cats I offer different sizes and types of breakaway buckles. Let me explain in more detail:

 ✿ Kitten size - fully extended length is 9'' (23cm) ✿ Adult size fully extended length is 12'' (30cm)

cat collar sizes

Two types of breakaway buckle:

  1. Breakaway buckle with 'TOUGH' release. 
  2. Breakaway buckle with 'LIGHT' release.

 1. Breakaway buckle with 'TOUGH' release. (Break. - Tough) This smart self-release buckle is perfect for Adult cats who like to explore! It will not open easily just from scratching the neck, but if your cat's collar gets caught in a tree branch, the buckle will open quickly. It is also suitable with a pet tag combination.

2. Breakaway buckle with 'LIGHT' release. (Break. - Light) It's suitable for kittens or adult cats who are seldom let out of their homes. This type of buckle is excellent for gentle cats and cats that do not wear a heavy pet tag which can cause unwanted release. 

On photo: 1. Right - Break. - Tough, 2. Left Break. - Light

cat collar with different buckles

How to measure a cat's neck?

Measure your cat's neck using a soft measuring tape, to ensure the collar will be comfortable for him or her. You should have enough room to put a finger between the tape and neck.

Please measure carefully as custom made orders are non-refundable! If you have any questions about sizing please contact us first - we'd love to help!

how to measure cat neck for collar visual guide

Are cat collars suitable for dogs?

Of course! cat collars are a great accessory for any cat or dog, and can easily be used as a regular collar. However, cat collars generally have breakaway buckles so it should not be used on a lead. For dog collars, we recommend using a non-breakaway buckle/clasp. Both buckle types are available to purchase on our site. 

I also offer two non-breakaway buckle types suitable for wearing on a lead:

1. Plastic - lightweight and small. I offer these at the same cost as breakaway buckles. 2. Metal - stylish and elegant. These are available as an 'upgrade' in three colours: gold, silver and bronze.


In conclusion, getting a cat collar for your furry friend is a wise decision for several reasons. It not only helps to identify your cat and prevent them from getting lost, it also allows you to attach important information such as your contact details, emergency contacts, and vaccination records. 

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