HALLOWEEN COMPETITION This year theme is ===>Show your inner Lucifer. <=== Submit your cat picture or a short video clip below this post that reflects his/her naughty character. Perhaps climbing curtains? Or knocking items off the shelves? Tell your story! 

The winner will receive a gift from our handmade shop Crafts4Cats.com

Happy Halloween 


Jennifer Whitehead


'My girl riley is not allowed on my antique table 

..but when i discovered she was on there and 

asked her nicely to get dowm the bride of 

frankenstein came out.'

Hanna Tikka


'I try to make it short:

So dis one time my mom was trying to get to her 

email and got "access denied" So she tried 

again, very slowly, making sure everything goes 

just right, still "access denied" She checked is 

this the right password for this place, da email 

address is right pA$$word everything is as it 

should be, let me in! Still no, she was having a 

seizure at this point, thinking someone had got 

in and taken overr and tried to google WHY CAN*T 

I GET...and then realized the caps lock was on 

because I hit it while I was walking on da 

keyboard. A thing I should not 


Mary Tonks

'Here's my story and evidence of the little 

purr-petrator of the crime. This has been a 

mostly discrete activity over a period of time. 

I managed to coax him into posing next to his 

bitey, chewy behavior. Good thing these shower 

curtain liners only cost $2.00 so I can replace 

them often enough.'

Amy Helms Hill


Clementine scratching at the shower 

curtain ... they have now destroyed two and are 

working on #3

Marie Spencer

'...and once mew do the trap releases....claws and 

teeth, I have mew now'

Diane Finocchio

'So I had rolls in a bag for my father. I thought 

they’d be safe from prying paws and teeth. BOY 

was I wrong! This is what I found!'

Hanna Tikka


'Mysli liked to sleep on my hoodie so I gave one 

of my old ones to him so he could nap on it when 

he wants and Ansku went & peed on it! Everytime 

I washed and gave it back to Mysli Ansku would 

come and pee on it, so no hoodies for Mysli 

because Ansku says so.

(this is not an actual picture of her peeing on 

my clothes, but it looks like it could be)'

Mike Ollendor


'Lily doing her best to be a tripping hazard.

She's also been know to cover your face with her 

tail. Not how you want to wake up. No oxygen!'

Bernd Hiebler


'During Home Office Time (which still lasts on) 

Daisy kicked me out of an international business 

video conference by walking over the keyboard 

(the brat shut down the Computer) and took a nap 

on it. Also the pens on the desk gave a lot of 

fun for kicking it over the edge. All documents 

are chosen as perfect nap place😐'

Angela Johansson

'Here is Isis naughty story. See photo.'

Angela Johansson

'And here is Aunties'  See photo

Melissa Berg Luffy


'Ok... Here goes. Tanger's "Inner Lucifer" 😈 is 

that if I'm not paying attention to him when 

he's in need of something, he'll use his mitts 

to paw open the drawers on our bed and dig out 

everything that's in there 🙄 Worst thing is when 

he does it in the middle of the night and you 

get up to a drawer to the toes 🤨 OUCH‼️ 🤬'

Leesa Smith

'This is Barney, he looks innocent but looks are 

deceiving, he chases his sister every chance he 

gets, she 5 and only lived with us since march, 

we lost our beautiful Lucy in February and he 

was lonely so we adopted Hazel, Barney wants to 

play but Hazel doesn't understand so he will 

chase her and try and wrestle her every time he 

sees her, she screams and either runs under a 

chair or sits next to me, they are both jealous 

if the other 1 is on my lap, Barney will push 

her off me, Hazel isn't scared of him, she will 

charge at him if he's near me🤣 im hoping to get 

a kitten soon for him, I'm sure he'll be happy 

to play and leave Hazel alone🤞'

Lisa Helms

'One I actually caught 😺 guess the most naughty 

thing he really does in a regular basis is to 

torment Shadow. Poor girl seems to always having 

to look over her shoulder because she knows he's 

lurking somewhere to attack 🤣'

Marie Spencer


'I have thought and 

thought..and thought some more...here sits 

FuzzE, I can't think of a thing for him.🤔...I 

mean check him out he just sits here politely 

waiting, watching....🍗👀😻..if he has an inner 

Lucifer I don't know what it is 😂😺'

Roanne Vef


Vasa Mitrovski 

Vasa Mitrovski 

Richard Stapp

This is Zoey ready for Halloween. 🎃

'Her bad habits are pooping and peeing outside of 

the litter box

Zoey's inner Lucifer 😈'

Victoria G. Jones

'I told  him, "not yet, you have to wait for '